Know that your Facebook account is hacked, its complete process

Know that your Facebook account is hacked, its complete process

The person using the Facebook account should log out of the account before closing his / her account before closing it. As you may not be aware, your account may be hacked. Nowadays negligent users have to suffer their own negligence due to not having to worry about logging out. This is why you have to check your account frequently to see if your account has been hacked.

How to verify account?

Fecboock lock First of all you need to always remember the password. You will then need to go to the following settings as shown in the following account: Before that we need to know all the details of Facebook. One of the features of Facebook is the information about the device and location in your account.

Best of all, with the help of a Facebook feature, where are you logged into your account and then where are you active on the device. After all this detail you can be logged out instead. This way you can prevent your account from being hacked by checking multiple times. A list of devices and locations will appear where you use your account. You can easily find out what kind of device is there, as well. Or in either browser the account is opened. Except when the last time your account was accessed which details the date and time. If any account activity warns you to take precautions, you can log out of all active Facebook sessions.

For this you have to follow the steps like this on this smartphone

Open the Facebook app and go to Settings. Select Security in Settings, and tap Security and Login. Once the setting page is open, select the security and log in shown on the left side. Then go to the Where you are logged section. Where you will see a list of all your devices and locations. Where your account is accessed.

After clicking on the dots displayed in front of all the sessions you are logged out or you will see the option to report it. Additionally, you will also get the option to Log out of all sessions. Selecting which will allow you to log out on all devices.
Just after all these processes you can prevent your Facebook account from being hacked. Many people nowadays experience the bitterness of being hacked suddenly after the person becomes lazy and important information is leaked amid concerns about misuse of the Facebook account or they will be left out of work due to fear of financial loss. So take such precautions, then you will never be afraid to hack your account.

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